Bio E Lemon Manuka/Ginger/Cherry/Thyme Juice 500ml 4 Flavours—09/2021

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  • Lemon+Manuka
  • Cherry + Pomegranate + Passion Fruit
  • Ginger + Lemon
  • Thyme+Pear+Loquat

Tranditionally fermented juice:20 serves - 500ml

Made from natural ingredients, fermented with Australian manuka honey and probiotic culture.

A refreshing, effervescent liquid with no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.

Bio.E utilises organic processes to traditionally ferment Manuka honey based formulas into refreshing, probiotic juice.

Fermentation is a process in which an agent causes an organic substance to break down into simpler substances. Lactobacillus bacteria are used in our fermentation process, which boost the probiotic content of the food. Bacteria converts sugars and starch into lactic acid.

Directions: Disolve 25ml of the liquid in 250ml warm water. Drink at least once a day for ideal result. (Can be taken straight or diluted in water) Shake well before use. Sediment is normal.

Storage: Store at room temperature. Out of direct sunlight. Do not use if seal is broken.

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