Coco Brownie Anti-Aging Face Mask 7pcs Prevention + Repair Double effect on skin

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Main efficacy

Reduce fine lines, brighten up skin tone, revitalize and keep firm, and remoisturize.

Three core components work synergistically, anti-oxygen + rejuvenation regeneration, 1 + 2 > 3. Astaxanthin: eliminate free radicals and resolve the aging crisis fundamentally. Peptide x extracted from brown algae: promote collagen production and accelerate cell metabolism. Triple anti-oxygen keeps the skin young forever.

Made in New Zealand

Astaxanthin obtained from natural Haematococcus pluvialis is in a form wrapped by oil, so it is ensured that highly active and concentrated astaxanthin can also be used safely in daytime.

Brown algae extract-the normal metabolism of human body requires oxygen consumption, this process will lead to muscle aging gradually. However, the consumption of alginate extract can also achieve the purpose of energy supply for skin.

The peptide is a combination of palmitoyl Tripeptide-1 and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 can promote the productions of collagen, enhance the regeneration and repairability of cells, and make the skin full of elasticity. When working together with the extract of brown algae, this combination can accelerate the metabolism of cells, and rejuvenate from the foundation of the muscles.

Apply mask before cleaning face or using face care products.

unfold the mask and fit it onto your face

take the mask off 20-30mins later and softly massage your face in order to absorb the serum.

Now wash face with clean water,then you can do following skin care steps.

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