Coco Brownie Astaxanthin Foam Cleanser 100ml Skin care starts with cleansing(08/2022)

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Anti-oxygen and detoxifying

Based on the structure of the pure amino acid system, astaxanthin is added as an excellent Anti-aging ingredient.

Only 1/5 of the face pores, micron-grade elastic foam can easily enter pores and break down stubborn dirt.

Balancing the skin oil-water proportion, removing free radicals, and feeling the "quicker than normal" anti-aging experience.

Specific information: (ingredients) Astaxanthin obtained from natural Haematococcus Pluvialis is in a form wrapped by oil, so it is ensured that highly active and concentrated astaxanthin can also be used safely in daytime.

Astaxanthin- the king of antioxidants, solves the aging crisis and clears free radicals of aging.

Sodium hyaluronate-moisturisation and rehydration of the skin

The lysate of yeast fermentation product- skin brightening and prevention of skin aging caused by sunlight.

Centella Asiatica extract- relaxation and calming of the skin, restoration of damaged cells

Light make-up can be removed by using this product once without any make-up remover.

After cleaning, rinse off any product that remains at the bottle and at the pump nozzle with clear water, fast and easily eliminate the possibility of bacteria breeding.

depress the pump then tilt the bottle and take the appropriate amount of product onto your hand

When depressing the pump you can either use your thumb and index finger of one hand or both of your hands.

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