Comvita Propolis Extract Alcohol Free PFL30 Extra Strength 25ml

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  •  Supports immune system & oral health
  •  Guaranteed flavonoid levels
  •  Recommended for internal use

Propolis Extract delivers the powerful properties of Propolis in its most pure form in a easy to use liquid format for immune health and oral care.

Propolis is a wonderful natural protective system designed to promote well-being and long lasting health, with well-known antioxidant properties to help maintain a healthy immune system.

Our extra strength Propolis Extract Alcohol Free PFL30 delivers 30mg of active Propolis flavonoids per daily dose.


Immune Health: Mix 1.0ml in water and swallow twice daily.

Oral Health: Mix 0.5ml in water, rinse around mouth and swallow twice daily.

WARNING: Propolis may cause severe allergic reactions.

PREGNANT OR LACTATING WOMEN: Consult your healthcare practitioner before use.


Each 1.0mL contains: Propylene glycol (bulking agent), Propolis extract (equivalent to 214mg pure Propolis)

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