Good Health New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel 6000 (300 Caps) Joint Support

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Benefits of Good health mussel 6000
 Powerful joint aid.
Aids flexibility and healthy joints.
Enriched naturally with omega 3.

Good health mussel 6000 has powerful New Zealand green lipped mussel, enriched naturally with Omega 3 fatty acids, prepared to aid flexibilty and health of joints.

Good health mussel 6000 gives exceptional green lipped mussel extract, used for natural relief of pain and better mobility of joints, excluding the adverse reactions of arthritic medications.

Good health New Zealand green lipped mussel 6000, awarded for its nutritional aid towards joint mobility and joint health is gotten from the coastal waters of New Zealand. Good health mussel 6000 utilizes the clinically analyzed GlycOmega PLUS, a mixture of cold opened green shell mussel neat, enriched with omega 3 fatty acid, lipids, and a botanical antioxidant. With the following, appreciable levels of anti-inflammatory activity are produced. Good health mussel 6000 is a quality support formula, giving 6000mg equal to pure New Zealand green lipped mussel for each capsule, aiding joint mobility, comfort and support of joint stiffness and on the whole health and wellbeing. 

Directions for use

Adults: 1-3 capsules per day or as prescribed. Capsules may be opened and emptied on food.

Ingredients: a capsule contains;
  Mussel 750mg (New Zealand green lipped mussel equal to fresh mussel 6000mg).

  Does not contain preservatives, sweeteners, colorings, or artificial flavors.

  Does not contain soy, eggs, diary or gluten.


       Keep out of reach of children

       If allergic to any constituent, do not take

       If allergic to shellfish, avoid, as it is a sea food (crustacae)

       This product is not meant to cure any medical ailment

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