Kiwiherb Organic De-Stuff For Kids 100mL

Kiwiherb Organic De-Stuff For Kids 100mL

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General Information

A great tasting syrup for ear, nasal and sinus support. The natural herbal ingredients, organic Elderflower, Ribwort and Echinacea root, work to support clear airways and helps loosen mucus to support easy breathing in children.


Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. We recommend consulting a health professional prior to use in children under 3 years of age, and during pregnancy. Those allergic to Asteraceae family plants (e.g. artichokes, daisies) should take care when taking Chamomile due to possible allergic reaction.

Common Uses

*Nasal and Sinus support. *Supports upper respiratory health. *Sweet minty taste.


Each mL of this certified organic product contains: Sambucus nigra (Elderflower) dry flower extract 250 microlitres (derived from 125mg dry flower). Plantago lanceolata (Ribwort) fresh leaf extract 250 microlitres (derived from 125mg fresh leaf). Echinacea purpurea (Echinacea) dry root extract 150 microlitres (derived from 75mg dry root). In a base of glycerol, purified water, apple (juice concentrate), orange and peppermint flavour. Contains no artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours, or preservatives.


Take 2 to 3 times daily. Dilute in a small amount (30mL) of water or juice, and drink immediately. Infants 0 to 1 yr: 0.1 - 0.5mL Children 1 to 2 yrs: 0.5 - 1mL Children 2 to 4 yrs: 1 - 1.5mL Children 4 to 6 yrs: 1.5 - 2.5mL Children 6 to 12 yrs: 4 - 8mL

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