20 Pack Disposable Surgical level Face Masks ear-loops 3-ply

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Note: Sterile Exp 03/2022, which only means it could not be used in surgical operations anymore as the sterile is expired. It’s still offering great protect against virus as it’s made for surgical use, with better qualify than medical ones.

Product Name: 3L High-Quality Surgical Face Mask (Use up to 8 hours each time)

Package: 20 Pieces per box  (Individual Packaging each piece, more hygienic and convenient to travel with)

Certification: TGA, CE, and FDA

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency: >99%

Other Features: Sterile, 3-Ply Non-woven Fabric

3L Medical Products Group is a listed company specialized in a wide range of medical products, with its sales network all over the world.

Disposable, Sterile Medical face masks offer the wearer good protection and high levels of comfort. Mask should be changed regularly to maintain optimum protection.

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