New Zealand Nuibay Pure Sheep Whole Milk Powder 400g

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The science of natural nutrition
Across all life stages,people seek to improve and maintain their health and wellbeing, they look to nature and the best it has to offer,while scientific advances allow them to access optimal nutritional solutions as supplements. Nuibay's premium sheep milk is processed with advanced techlonogy, offering superior taste and nutrition the whole family can enjoy.

Preparation Guide
Recommended intake: 2 cups per day.
Add 3 scoops milk powder(25g) with 150ml warom water(<40°C),stir well and enjoy.

  • Easily to digest
  • Cotain more αs2 protein making it lower in lactose capared to cow's milk.
  • Natural protein 6.1g per serve.
  • Selected dairy sheep.
  • Delicious mild taste.
Warning: Nuibay sheep milk powder is not suitable for children under 4 years old.

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