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Plantae Flower Power Brightening Camilla Face Polish 50g

Plantae Flower Power Brightening Camilla Face Polish 50g

Bio Herb NZ
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A gentle facial exfoliant designed to help restore the skin’s natural luminosity. Sourced from France, evenly ground organic rice grain seeds are finely milled to ensure an even exfoliation of the skin and an even complexion, whilst still maintaining the skin’s natural protective barrier. Together with Shea Butter, antioxidant-rich Camellia Oil extracted from rich green plant leaves, act to nourish and protect. Peach Leaf and Fruit Extracts brighten and improve the skin’s texture and luminosity.

Key ingredients

Camellia Oil, Peach Leaf, Raspberry Extract, Apple Extracts, with Exfoliating Organic Rice Seed Power sourced from France.



Ideal for

gentle exfoliation, brightening, reducing dark spots