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Red Seal Toothpaste Propolis  100g(3 Pack)

Red Seal Toothpaste Propolis 100g(3 Pack)

Bio Herb NZ
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General Information

For healthy gums


Caution: Do not use if you have an allergy to Bees or Bee products

Common Uses

Help reduce gingivitis and protect your mouth against ulcers and infections.


Calcium carbonate: Mild abrasive and polisher.
Purified water.
Sorbitol: Sweetener and moistener.
Glycerin: Vegetable-based sweetener and moistener.
Sodium lauryl sulphate: Coconut-based foaming agent.
Silica: Mild abrasive and thickener.
Titanium dioxide: Natural whitener.
Cellulose gum: Gumming agent sourced from plant fibre.
Magnesium aluminium silicate: Natural thickener.
Propolis extract.
Sodium saccharin: Sugar-free sweetener.
Aniseed oil.
Peppermint oil.
Eucalyptus oil.
Totarol: Antibacterial action


For best results, brush after every meal and whenever you want your breath to be fresh.